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Herbal Encyclopedia

We are excited to announce the newest project we have been working on! We will soon have a herbal encyclopedia of plants with their different benefits.

Are Plants Really Effective?

Did you know that about 25% of drugs prescribed worldwide are derived from plants? Almost 80% of all cancer therapy drugs approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration during the last three decades for cancer therapy are either natural products or imitated natural products. If you search the National Library of Medicine for "herbal", you will get thousands of results. While not every herb is yet thoroughly researched, many herbs have been seen to be effective in multiple studies conducted in different parts of the world. In herbal medicine, the focus is on treating the conditions and improving health and not just covering up the symptoms.

Is There Science Behind Natural and Plants?

About a third of Americans use herbal supplements, but outside the United States, that number goes up. Around 80% of the world's population relies on traditional herbal medicine. It is their primary health care. Herbal medicine is a common practice in places such as Africa, China, and India. Herbs are also commonly used in Central and Eastern Europe. Did you know that the former Soviet Union researched many plants to help their Olympic athletes? Many of those herbs are still used by athletes to this day. A World Health Organization (WHO) survey found traditional medicine accounts for about 40% of all health care delivered in China. Additionally, over 90% of hospitals in China have units for traditional medicine.